27 things i wish i knew before i turned 27

yesterday marked my twenty seventh year in this human suit... making me twenty-seven times smarter than yesteryear, right? eh. i don't know about that. and i've done some silly things in my day, in which i honor because it's brought me to learn many valuable lessons. 

i wrote this in less than seven minutes as if they rolled off the top of my tongue. no research needed. just 27 years of observations... that i hope resonate with you, too. 

  1. to practice mastery versus versatility to allow yourself to feel and add more value to your spirit and the world.

  2. to not allow any person(s) interfere or prolong you taking action toward your heart’s desires.

  3. a few minutes of meditation every morning will do wonders for your day.

  4. what you do today really will (seriously) define your tomorrow… so make the best of it.

  5. even if you do achieve your "dream body", "dream job", "dream life"... you may have the tendency to find all the little flaws that make you feel imperfect or incomplete. that's why it's best to embrace the journey and be content with wherever you are in this moment, training your mind to be content. otherwise the glass slipper will never fit just right.

  6. stay consistent with eating healthy foods, but find balance and enjoyment in not-the-healthiest food on occasion to feed the soul (this does not include mcdonalds).

  7. that everybody is different, therefore, not all diets work for everyone… so do not rigidly follow the diet of a someone else who has a body you desire.

  8. embrace your unique genetic makeup. and that will make self-love so much easier.

  9. most people are actually inspired by people, others who are vulnerable, authentic and imperfect… not perfection.

  10. living your light and your truth will allow you to manifest your tribe.

  11. your thoughts really do shape your reality -- whether it manifests tomorrow or next year… so be very careful what you think.

  12. karma is real… and she can be a real bitch… or a real blessing.

  13. not one person can make you happy… you must find your own magic and love for yourself… (and do this before spending years “in love” with someone else).

  14. some people find freedom in not having routines and plans -- however, i am the type of person that thrives off of structure… for me, i have more freedom when planning my day… but i feel most free if i’m the one designing it.

  15. being meatless really does feel empowering mentally and physically because you know you’re not only doing good for the world but also yourself.

  16. laughing is the best medicine.

  17. food really does affect the mood.

  18. if your friend is saying mean things about someone else, chances are they may do the same behind your back. don’t take it personally. It’s their own issue.

  19. kindness is the best weapon to get the most benefit out of any situation.

  20. being in solitude is a great way to connect and recharge… but we’re meant to be surrounded by humans… so you should never be alone too long.

  21. random acts of anonymous kindness really make the heart sing.

  22. don’t judge someone by their age… they may surprise you.

  23. perfection is boring.

  24. people on social media over-glamorize their life… instead of being envious or comparing your life to theirs, just allow whatever catches your eye to inspire or enlighten you… knowing that what they share is most often the best aesthetically pleasing version of themselves -- and you have those moments too.

  25. journaling every day is one of the greatest and cheapest forms of therapy.

  26. being a true friend or there for someone in need, is more rewarding than anything else in the world.

  27. gratitude changes EVERYTHING