to nourish her soul


don't worry

don’t worry…
you won’t mess with her heart
she feels enough love inside
you won’t mess with her mind
she’s smart enough to decide
you won’t mess with her beauty
she knows she’s perfect as is
you won’t mess with her body
she’s confident in her skin

so don’t worry, my dear....
you won’t mess with her soul
she has enough strength within

tell her to "let go"

they tell her to "let go"
she rolls her eyes "what does letting go really mean?"
"how can I just let something go"
they smirk
"find freedom in dancing with it
find freedom in dancing with them
shift your mind to accept what is
shift your mind to accept who is
allow yourself to forgive what is
allow yourself to forgive who is
wave your light to it
wave your light to them
choose to love what is
choose to love who is
& when you live in this vast ocean of
dance & love...
then letting go will become second nature"
so she danced
so she waved
so she loved
so she let go
they smirk



c. is for calling

c.alling in her goddess self to
h.eal all her wounds and scars by
a.ccepting what she cannot change
k.nowing her body and mind will
r.estore once she takes the time to
a.lign her energy within


she hears the lessons
to be unapologetically fearless in whatever she pursues
to be unapologetically vulnerable with speaking her truth
to be unapologetically passionate about that thing tugging at her heart string
to be unapologetically free to live the life that makes her heart sing
she hears the lessons
now it’s time to unapologetically live the lessons


she thanks the failure
she thanks the sorrow
she thanks the fear
she thanks the hollow
she thanks the trolls
she thanks the displeasure
for helping her rise to be
powerful beyond measure

she tip toes around the idea
that she may create her own magic
by making a conscious first step
to release thoughts of
the bad, the ugly and the things that do not best serve her
and foster thoughts of
the good, the beauty and the things that spark the light in her



she is relentless
in the pursuit of embracing
the mess of a mess
that keeps her mind's eye racing
away from the bliss and the blessed
she must begin listening
she must begin listening

she climbs the hillside
in the pursuit of a diamond
rooted deep inside
to be unveiled by the island
in the waves of mother's seaside
she must stand still and listens
she must stand still and listens


she's a spiritual being
having a human experience
she's a loving being
having a material experience
she's a playful being
having a childish experience
she's a perceptive being
having a troubled experience
she's a heart centered being
having an emotional experience
she's a compassionate being
having an empathetic experience
she's a listening being
having a healing experience
she's a smiling being
having a joyful experience
she's a learning being
having a guided experience
she's an infinite being
having a soul seeking experience
she's a conscious being
having an awakening experience
she's a spiritual being
having a human experience


she flows in infinite
she ripples with unwavering
she waves for unconditional
she rains to release
she freezes to embrace
she quenches her soul’s


then one day
she tip toed away from
toxic in her life
but with love
only with love
she had the power to forgive
while at the same time remain distant
so she could move forward in life
as her best version of human
she had the power to recognize
that by doing so
was the utmost
selfless way
to allow
with a diametrically opposed world
rise to their highest self too
and all was well


she asked,
"what gifts has the universe
gifted me with today?" she answered,
"an abundance of nourishing food.
an abundance of new places.
an abundance of beautiful trinkets.
an abundance of sweet smiles.
an abundance of joyous energy.
an abundance of true love."


and on her final hours
on this journey of discovering
many worlds unknown
many voices unknown
many faces unknown
many tastes unknown
many emotions unknown
it became clearer
that she need not find herself
on the other side of the world
what does "finding yourself" really mean?
she only allowed herself to evolve
yet never change
to pick up a few new gems
yet be the lovely mess she always was
and always will be
namaskar india
she continues to fly free