satya yoga wear

SATYA meaning TRUTH in sanskrit

and let me tell you the truth about this yoga wear, it’s the best yoga wear i’ve found in ubud.

if you roam the shops in ubud, you may find either poor, noisy, tacky and thin material that are usually mock ups of a particular style. you may also notice that almost every shop carries the EXACT same thing as another!

but one thing that stands out about satya is that clothing is uniquely theirs and very simple.

side note: I’m VERY nitpicky about my yoga wear.

10 things on my yoga wear checklist:

  1. eco-friendly

  2. cruelty-free

  3. high quality

  4. breathable

  5. stylish

  6. practical for practice

  7. instagram worthy (I’m just being honest)

  8. tight fitting

  9. flattering

  10. 10 out of 10 on how it fits MY body type

i’ve struggled finding clothes that met all the above in ubud. most clothes are most often not cruelty-free, poor quality OR have an unflattering fit on my body.


i feel beyond grateful for satya.  their clothes not only meet my checklist, but they are designed by a yogini (with a similar last name to my own). thanks, donna rossiter akak @baliyogamama, for making these amazing clothes!

satya yoga wear is adorable and affordable. check and check.  

learn more about satya yoga wear here

speaking of truth: i need to be fully transparent to let you know that this company did offer me to test their clothes in exchange for a review if i liked them. and as you may know, i’ll only post if I truly like what i’ve received. i need to maintain the integrity of this blog… so i’ve turned down a handful of not-the-best stuff. only sharing what i really like. 

xo & namaste