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she does her best to eat, pray, write, love, laugh and live with compassion for all living beings… including herself.

she's all about that eco-healthy-conscious-compassionate-lifestyle life.

birth name: raquelle ross

thanks, mom, for the unique orthography for a more feminine, yet complicated aesthetic on paper -- mama juju's theory: like danielle vs. daniel. pro: it’s (UNarguably) pretty. con: spelling it out slowly and correct constantly.

blogger name: raquelle mantra

a wanderer who unabashedly spends her days like she’s the lost girl from never never land. she does her best to 'adult', which usually consists of writing poems and blogs or guiding others through their transition to a eco-healthy, (meatless), and compassionate lifestyle. other than that, she likes to spend her days frolicking in nature, swimming in the hawaiian waters and asking her angels and the universe too many questions.

this blog is one of her ways to play in the vast sea of other bloggers, but she swims with the dolphins who want to learn to eat, pray, write, love, laugh and live for all living beings... including their-self.

she enjoys the sweeter things in life, you know, like: waking up to the smell (and taste) of a fresh cup (or two) of coffee with a side of hot lemon water. mid-morning organic decaffeinated coffee with coconut almond milk. dandelion tea with stevia. vanilla tastes. vanilla plant-based protein powders. chocolate tastes. stevia sweetened chocolate desserts. the smell of eco-friendly products on her hands, dishes and in the air, especially anything lavender. yoga. nature hikes. ocean swims. beach bumming. enjoying all these things with her soul twin, allie. 

blog update: i recently switched from wordpress to squarespace (not important) -- but in this process all my old blogs were deleted and i can’t find my backed up files in my external hard drive.

ps. i'm in a phase where i'm over capital letters. small cases are cute. enough said.